One of our Beautiful Bungalows in St. Kitts

St. Kitts Bungalow

St. Kitts Bungalow

Thanks to the creative minds of John Haley, Architect, Charleston, SC,  and Jacquelynne Lanhem & Associates, Interior Designer,  Atlanta, Ga,  we created 4 of these beautiful little bungalows on the island of St. Kitts.  We elicited the help of 2 Amish men in the up-state of New York to hand hewn the beams like they would have been 200 years ago.  What is so extraordinary about this, and what you don’t see, is the other three sides are all sliding glass windows opening to an incredible view an infinity pool overlooking the Caribbean. Having stayed there myself, I would have to also mention while we enjoyed breakfast in our room one morning, taking in the cool breeze of the day with our windows wide open, we were surprised to have a little guest fly in, what we thought to be a little Nevis Bullfinch further enhancing our experience.  We have 4 more of these enchanting bungalows in the making, which I hope means another visit would be in order.


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